Incontinence Problem – Facts or Myths

Just because your bladder is changing, it does not mean that you have incontinence. Learning about incontinence can help you to manage it better. There is a lot of misunderstanding & myths regarding incontinence. Below are a few myths and facts that you should keep in mind.

Only Females 55+ Experience Incontinence:

This is absolutely wrong. It makes very little difference whether you are younger or older. Anybody can experience incontinence at any age. Often it is a side-effect of pregnancy and several young women athletes have it as well. So it’s not essentially an age or fitness factor.

It Is Good To Keep This Condition Confidential:

This is not right. Discussion of incontinence is no longer frown at in the society. Many sufferers like to discuss this problem with their doctors or guardians or friends/family.

Your Body Type Has An Effect On Your Bladder Condition:

This is not true. Whether you are short, tall, light or dark, a bladder leakage condition does not differentiate. It has been proved; however, that obesity may be a cause or increase the problem.

Childbirth Can Be A Reason Of Incontinence:

Well, this is true. Although giving birth is joy for a mother, but it can be hard on her pelvic floor muscle which supports the bladder. That is why these muscles require to get back into ‘pre-baby’ shape through kegel exercises.

Sanitary pads are more discreet compared to incontinence protection products:

This is not true. Since incontinence products Australia is specially designed to soak up and retain urine, they’re 2 sizes smaller compared to the absorbency intensity of sanitary pad and more secure. So they’re actually more discreet. And because they’ve advanced odour protection, they offer even more discretion, ease and peace of mind.

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