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Incontinence Products Australia

There are several different incontinence products Australia accessible for everyone’s unique needs. With so many options & decisions to make it’s important to comprehend the choices and know what’s going to be the best fit. When it comes to buying incontinence products, you should do it without any embarrassment. Buy, Kegelmaster – the ultimate incontinence product!


Stress Incontinence Australia – Consult Your Doctor

Stress Incontinence Australia

Most adults can hold more than two cups of urine in their bladder. Stress incontinence Australia happens when the muscles that control your urine flow don’t work appropriately. Activities like coughing, sneezing, running or heavy lifting can worsen incontinence symptoms. Consult with your doctor before the things get worse and worse.

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Female Incontinence Australia – The Kegelmaster

Female Incontinence Australia

Female incontinence Australia – Stress incontinence is a type of urinary disorder that signifies to unintended urine loss that occurs during physical activity such as laughing, sneezing, exercising and coughing. Want to get rid of this issue? Order Kegelmaster now to win the battle against stress incontinence, urinary incontinence, etc.

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Incontinence Problem – Facts or Myths

Just because your bladder is changing, it does not mean that you have incontinence. Learning about incontinence can help you to manage it better. There is a lot of misunderstanding & myths regarding incontinence. Below are a few myths and facts that you should keep in mind.

Only Females 55+ Experience Incontinence:

This is absolutely wrong. It makes very little difference whether you are younger or older. Anybody can experience incontinence at any age. Often it is a side-effect of pregnancy and several young women athletes have it as well. So it’s not essentially an age or fitness factor.

It Is Good To Keep This Condition Confidential:

This is not right. Discussion of incontinence is no longer frown at in the society. Many sufferers like to discuss this problem with their doctors or guardians or friends/family.

Your Body Type Has An Effect On Your Bladder Condition:

This is not true. Whether you are short, tall, light or dark, a bladder leakage condition does not differentiate. It has been proved; however, that obesity may be a cause or increase the problem.

Childbirth Can Be A Reason Of Incontinence:

Well, this is true. Although giving birth is joy for a mother, but it can be hard on her pelvic floor muscle which supports the bladder. That is why these muscles require to get back into ‘pre-baby’ shape through kegel exercises.

Sanitary pads are more discreet compared to incontinence protection products:

This is not true. Since incontinence products Australia is specially designed to soak up and retain urine, they’re 2 sizes smaller compared to the absorbency intensity of sanitary pad and more secure. So they’re actually more discreet. And because they’ve advanced odour protection, they offer even more discretion, ease and peace of mind.

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The Major Pitfalls of Incontinence

Incontinence TreatmentBeing incontinent is being unable to control oneself from doing something. In most cases, this often refers to failing to control one’s sexual appetite or urine passage. An individual whose sexual desire is beyond one’s control is said to be sexually incontinent. In as far as failure to pass urine is concerned, an individual whose urinary system can be controlled is said to be urinary incontinent. This is often classified as a medical condition in which a person fails to restrain oneself from passing urine. Individuals suffering from urinary incontinence are unable to control themselves from passing urine even in very awkward situations. Their bladder is able to open and release urine in very awkward situations such as during a sermon in church or during an exam. This condition is associated with many pitfalls as the passage will show.

To start with, it is quite embarrassing. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most embarrassing medical conditions that you can ever suffer from. You need to be particularly strong to be in a position to handle the embarrassment that comes with suffering from this medical condition. For example, imagine passing urine during a lecture session. If you are the one presenting a lecture in front of many students, you will be very embarrassed. Suppose the clothes you are wearing are so dull coloured that your urine marks can even be observed from afar, you may be so embarrassed that you may fail to present another lecture to that class. Therefore, seeking incontinence treatment is often advisable.

Apart from embarrassing you, incontinency may also have serious consequences on your whole life. In the case of urinary incontinence, being embarrassed is often the most serious outcome. But, the story is different were other forms incontinence are concerned. There are people whose lives have been greatly affected by their incontinence such that they even end up in serious life problems. For example, a person suffering from sexual incontinence may find it very hard to control one’s sexual desires. Such people may end up raping a person and eventually in jail following a conviction. People who have issues controlling their sexual appetite may not be at easy following arousal and may fail to concentrate when their sexual desires have risen sharply. In most cases, people who have issues controlling their sexual desires may have difficulties keeping a relationship. This applies to both males and females. You need to seek incontinence treatment if you have this form of incontinence.

You may also need to change clothes on a frequent basis. Individuals suffering from bowel or bladder related incontinences are the ones who often experience such a problem. There are two major forms of incontinences that can cause this. One of them is urinary incontinence and the other is bowel related incontinence where a person defecates in awkward situations involuntarily. After every event of passing urine in an awkward situation, you may need to change your clothes. Similarly, you will also need to change your cloths after an event of defecating in an awkward situation.

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